We believe that people can do great things when they have a clear vision. We believe that when people align their passions with a focused plan, they are motivated to work together to create a rich organization—one built on purpose and excellence. Their organization's brand is built this same way, and is at the core of everything their organization does.

Since 2006, we have been helping businesses and non-profit organizations effectively communicate using graphic design, web and social media marketing solutions. Behind all of these great organizations are really great people—from marketing directors, to business owners, to executive directors. Our approach is built on empowering these people to create and build a focused brand for their organization that communicates its value to the people that matter.

Commitment to brand clarity

Our objective with every client is to help them discover their core values and the key thing that makes them unique. We consider these concepts against the attributes of their target audiences, and from this we have a clear direction for their written, verbal and visual brand components. Brands built on this approach are attractive to people because they perceive a focused, confident and purposeful message.

Commitment to smart & sustainable practices

We believe a responsible brand achieves positive communication and marketing results, while promoting positive long-term impact on our community, economy and the environment. Our brand strategy consulting incorporates smart, sustainable and energy-efficient practices at every phase, so at its very core our approach promotes an environmentally-sustainable business and marketing community.